How Can You Become A More Interesting Person By Watching Stand-Up Comedy Documentaries?


Watching a stand-up comedy bit can be a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. You turn on one episode, and if you happen to be watching on a streaming service, you might look up hours later to find that you've actually been laughing for much longer than you planned to. The feel-good jokes and lightbulb moments you get from a particularly insightful comedian can lighten your load and put you in the perfect mood to go out and face the world.

9 November 2020

A Guide To Getting Into Animation


When you're thinking about jumping onto the animation wave, you've chosen perhaps the best time ever to do so. Today, there's more content out there than most people can keep up with and countless streaming services that let you check out animation from different eras, styles and stories. No matter what makes you gravitate toward animation, you need to know a few steps that will help you dive right in. With this in mind, keep reading and consider these tips.

20 February 2018

Study The Masters: 3 Of The Best Stand Up Specials Of All Time


If you want to be a stand up comedian, it's not enough to just be funny and be able to make your friends laugh. You will need to study the masters (the great comedians) and learn from them. Things such as stage presence, timing, crowd control, and other things that go beyond the content of a set. It's important to learn how to take your set and work it out so that it can work better in front of an audience.

3 August 2017

Tips To Help Get You Into Film School


If you are interested in getting into film school, then you are going to want to make use of the following tips. This way, you will have the best possible chance at setting yourself apart from other people that are fighting to also get into the same film school that you want to get into. You Need To Effectively Express Yourself It is simply not enough to have creative talent.

7 April 2016

Keep The Kids Busy On A Rainy Day With These Low Cost Television Activities


It can be hard enough to keep children entertained all day long when you have the option of going outside. Take away that option due to bad weather and finding something to keep everyone occupied without spending a small fortune can seem like an impossible task. However, with the inexpensive, yet fun-filled activities described below, you may just find that your kids start looking forward to the next rainy day.

5 June 2015